Sunday, July 27, 2008

Already some (minor) controversy

A proxy for Richard Mah tried to amend the agenda by putting forward a motion to bring the CFS vote to the first point of the agenda instead of the last.

UPDATE: The vote was squashed.

Report in English can be found here.
Report in French can be found here. And because it is in French, it is better.
Bilingual Agenda can be found here.

More to come.


Anonymous said...

so, you invite me to read this blog, and now nothing?

Richard Mah said...

Hey everybody (and Wassim),

So it would seem that I have to explain myself as to why I instructed my proxy to move to have the item moved up on the agenda. Besides, what else can I do on a Sunday afternoon other than talk about myself on another one of Wassim's liveblogs!

In the past, I have seen too much apathy towards big ticket items in meetings of this length. Not only is there the CFS vote, but there are four second readings as well as a bucket full of first readings. I don't feel that these motions are any less important, but you'll have to agree that this meeting is going to be excessively long.

I'm stuck in Chicoutimi right now doing the Explore program. (Apparently knowing French gets you into a secret club or something, and I can't stand not being a part of these clubs.) When I first chose my proxy for this meeting, I didn't think that there would be quite so many points on the agenda. Unfortunately, proxy has other commitments which require his presence. As much as I can appreciate having the CFS vote at the end of the meeting, I have some questions and concerns of my own which probably won't get addressed. Due to the length of this meeting, I can see a lot of people voting for this motion just so that they can go home. It's the very unfortunate nature of these meetings.

So in summary, no, there really is no controversy in what I did. Apparently there's a little bit of contention in the air over when this should go down, but I have legitimate reasons for why this item needed to be moved.

People can think what they want, but I thought I might as well state my reasons, just to keep the rumor mill at bay a few minutes more. (Oh, you can be sure that I'll be glued to my computer for the duration of this meeting. One way or another, I'll be at this meeting.)